Kitsunet Pixelmon Setup Page

  1. Download Minecraft and install it if you do not have it yet, from here.

  2. Download Forge and install it from here.

    1. Installer for Windows

    2. Installer for Linux/Mac

  3. Get our modpack from here, it contains Pixelmon and all other mods needed to connect.

  4. Start the Minecraft launcher. 

  5. Hit the 3 line pancake bar at the right, then hit Launch Options.   Select the new forge entry.

  6. By "Game directory" at the right, hit the green arrow pointing right.  The Minecraft folder should open.

  7. Remove any mods folder inside this directory.

  8. Drop the mods folder from the file right in here.

  9. Hit save then hit the Minecraft logo.  Hit Play to start Minecraft.

  10. After about 1 minute Minecraft should start.

  11. Hit Multiplayer, then add server.   The server address is

  12. Then click the server to play. 🦊

  13. π